Oil Vs Water – Which is the Best Treatment For Oily Skin?


Oily skin is a very common skin condition that affects people of all ages. Oily skin can be either itchy or dry, or both. The problem is due to excess oil in the skin which can cause acne.

Skin that is excessively oily and therefore prone to acne has an increase amount of sebum, which is the natural oil produced by the skin. What makes this skin condition particularly problematic is that the excess oil makes it more difficult for the skin to be able to resist bacteria and build up dirt and grime. This combined with the tiny pores in oily skin can cause acne.

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Sometimes a person’s normal healthy skin can become overly oily and can result in problems. The skin that is oily and that is prone to acne will have more oil glands than normal skin. If you think that your skin is oily then it will probably be more so, but this does not mean that it is either hematologically normal or healthy.

Another condition that is common with people who have oily skin is blackheads. Acne and blackheads often go hand in hand, and people who have oily skin also have more oil in their skin. However, there are other conditions which might be worse with oily skin. When someone has acne, it can lead to permanent scarring and is very difficult to treat.

Unfortunately, the skin of a person who has acne is also likely to be more itchy than normal skin. Oily skin is not so well adapted to handle the natural production of sebum, and the extra oil makes it even more irritated. So people with acne tend to be more difficult to treat than normal skin. They are often found to have much larger pores and therefore more chance of suffering from a more severe case of acne.

Acne is the most common problem faced by teenagers who often do not yet know how to manage their acne. This is especially true of those who have suffered from acne throughout their lives and have had little or no help in managing their acne. This is because acne is also highly difficult to treat and is not easy to cure.

It is however possible to treat the skin. For those with oily skin, a simple face wash or anti-bacterial cleanser should be enough to take care of their skin. Also, there are many skin care products available to help treat the skin, but many of these do not seem to be as effective as using natural oils such as olive oil.

The main advantage of using an olive oil based face wash is that olive oil is an antibacterial agent. This means that it is very good at helping to keep the skin clean and clear. This is what everyone needs for their skin, especially if they are prone to acne.